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Inspiring story of Amritha Gaddam

The Founder and CEO of The Tribe Concepts -

Amritha Gaddam - Famehall
Amritha Gaddam

Amritha Gaddam launched Tribe Concepts with the introduction of a 90-day miracle hair oil, which garnered the brand a lot of attention and great feedback.

Amritha Gaddam was suffering from a variety of lifestyle-related health issues while studying in Bengaluru in 2019. Amritha found it challenging to maintain her health while away from her home in Rajahmundry, a tiny city in Andhra Pradesh.

Her hardships inspired the creation of The Tribe Concepts, a plant-based Ayurvedic skin and hair care line.

"My mother would devise a remedy for each difficulty we faced." She would even provide home cures for ailments like hair loss or acne. When I was in Bengaluru, I was completely alone. I began eating just junk food, and my lifestyle also altered. "This caused me a lot of troubles," Amritha explains.

"But that's the modern way of life," she continues. Everyone nowadays is preoccupied. Long hours, shifting schedules, and poor eating times have all had an impact on health. Amritha's pals were intrigued when she requested her mother to courier her some of the mixtures and handmade oils and masks. Her mother's treatments, she claims, work wonderfully.

Amritha realised at this point that everyone around her was seeking for a solution. A product that will tackle their difficulties, which seem to be common yet are really difficult to fix.

"From hair loss to acne, weight gain, and decreased immunity, these are the issues that many individuals face." And, because these therapies are enthralling everyone, why not provide them as a solution?" According to Amritha, this is how Tribe Concepts came to be in 2019.

The beginning -

Amritha's father is an Ayurvedic physician. She resigned her work in Bengaluru and began her product line after doing some study and with the assistance of her father. She began by creating a 90-day miracle hair oil.

"I began in an ancient building owned by my father." I started my job by sourcing all of the materials locally. "I invested Rs 20,000 from my savings and spent the most of it on social media marketing," Amritha explains.

Tribe Concepts is heavily promoted on Instagram, and online evaluations have played an important part in the brand's success, so much so that it now receives over two lakh orders from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and others.

With a no-chemical policy and a range of 14 goods, the brand generated Rs 1 crore in the first nine months and Rs 1.25 crore in the following three months. In less than three years, the brand hopes to have a revenue of 50 crores by March 2022. The brand's headquarters are now in Bengaluru.

Going the green route -

Tribe Concepts' usage of 100 percent natural components has been one of its main values since its start. According to Amritha, everything is sustainable, from development to delivery.

"All of our packing materials are natural as well." Our goods are available in tin boxes and glass bottles. Even our recording is done using paper cassettes. "No plastic is used," Amritha emphasises.

Plastics dominate the industry, which is a continuous issue. "When we, as a brand, claimed to be sustainable, we wanted to be the one from beginning to finish in our offering," Amritha says.

Plastic is ubiquitous, which presents issues, as Amritha remembers when she struggled to make deliveries without the bubble wrappers. "To distribute delicate things, we utilise recyclable papers and cardboard," she explains.

Future plans -

Amritha feels that each brand has a distinct product and each targets a particular group of customers, citing Just Herbs and SkinKraft as examples. Amritha has aggressive plans for offline development and growth in marketplaces such as Amazon this year.

Amritha plans to launch another company, Tribe Veda, to target the health supplement market as the next step in her business path.

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