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Inspiring story of Satyapal Chandra

Satyapal Chandra - MagTapp Technologies
Satyapal Chandra

Formal education and career - Satyapal Chandra was born and raised in a village a hundred kilometers from Gaya. His family put him through school there but could not afford to helm him though college. But, Satyapal Chandra was keen on gaining knowledge and he decided to continue his journey by his own. He is self dependent from the age of fiteen and he has seen the fare shares of struggles at the early phase of his life. At the age of 23, he learnt english by himself when a waiter has made a fun of his communication skill and then he has written over 11 novels which have collectively sold over 2 lakh copies. In the course of time he has found a couple of companies working in media and education sectors.

Brief about the startup - MagTapp is the world's first visual web browser and visual document reader and Visual dictionary. It helps a person to read any type of content with the help of visual. It provides one tap visual meaning to any word in the English and other language language. When you open an online browser, or any document and if you come across a word for which you want to know the meaning, all you need to do is tap on it. A visual meaning of the word appears which is easy to understand and remember. They also have options for news reading, translating, certain pages or lines of choice which is entirely free to the user.

Where the idea was born - The CEO of MagTapp, Satyapal Chandra, had a vision which drove him to create the app. He comes from a small village where there was little access to education, especially to the English language. When he moved to Delhi to further his education, he realized that there were many people similar to him who could not understand the English language. He noticed that they all wanted to do something but the language barrier stopped them. When he started his own research he gets to know that 90% of population in India faces the issue when it comes to english language in terms of writing, reading, speaking and understanding. He then decided to bridge this gap by making learning the English language easier and more accessible to the masses. He then came up with the concept of one tap visual meaning after which he built teams for tech, marketing and content all from scratch to build the app.

How they stand-out and future plans -

The unique thing about MagTapp is that their dictionary has more than two lakh seventy thousand words which is not available anywhere else. Alongside that, they also have 12 Indian languages and 29 International languages as well which can also be used to translate English words into the language of your choosing. Soon, they’re planning on expanding towards news channels, edtech companies and media outletsto integrate their API into their contentsso their contentscan be accessible to billionsof people across the globe. They hope that it will help increase the reach of the news which is predominantly written in english to the general population.

Overcoming failures in the initial stage - When they first started out, they had a web browser which a lot of users wanted a lot more features than they were offering. But due to budget restrictions, they could not add all the features they wanted. They thought that maybe their app will fail because of this lacking. But they kept their marketing going and then an Angel investor invested in their company. With that funds, they were able to improve their web browser and add many more features than they initially planned. Now, their app is downloaded over 35 Lakh times and it is growing everyday.

Source of inspiration - The greatest source for their inspiration was their passion to solve the real challenge that is being faced by over 90% of people in India. So it was more over mission to them rather than just developing a product. But as a team,they also inspireeach other on a regular basis. When they firststarted, they wereonly a handful of friends that shared Satyapal’s vision and they began working together. They divided the roles among themselves and built the app from scratch. Advice to young entrepreneurs - “Be obsessed about what you want in life,” is the advice that he would give all the young entrepreneurs just starting out. Anyone would face ups and downs in the initial phases and running a start-upis not easy. Many start-upstake time to get their brand established in the world. It might take years sometimes, but the key is working hard like your life depends on it ane never giving up. Achievements -

MagTapp was featured in the Top 100 start-ups of India and got several recognitions from colleges like Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, College of Mumbai and many others.

Milestones -

MagTapp is the world's first visual dictionary which is made in India. It has several words that are of Indian origin as well, which makes it easily accessible to several people across the world. Currently they are working on expanding their brand in the country but soon they are planning on expanding globally.

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