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Inspiring story of young entrepreneur Yashvardhan Goel, founder of Krieger Esports

Here is an awe-inspiring tale of Yashvardhan Goel, who is a young, robust and enterprising entrepreneur in the field of Esports. The designations and responsibilities he holds are a testimony of his excellence and efficiency.

Yash Vardhan Goel - Krieger esports - Famehall story
Yashvardhan Goel

Profile in a nutshell -

Yashvardhan Goel was born in Meerut ( U.P), but he spent most of his life in Haryana. Currently, he is domiciled in Tamil Nadu. He hails from a decent family. His father is a government employee and his mother is a business woman. He had a passion for computer games right from a young age. He recalls the days he used to pay and practice in a cyber café using the low-end computer. He had an insatiable thirst to achieve something unique. In 2017, he was a mere CS: Go player, but his indomitable spirit has escalated him from a mere player to the position of CEO of an organization (Krieger Esports).

About Krieger Esports: The Unique Esports Startup -

Yashvardhan Goel incepted his Organization in October 2019. The basic intention of starting the Organization was to provide an opportunity to the players/teams which were performing well at a lower level (but rated as under-dogs by the top-level organizations in the industry) and provide a platform for them by tapping their potential to compete with teams that were on a higher level. Goel’s Organization invites players to join free of cost. Unlike other companies, the focus is not on the number games. Generally, the slots for the tournaments are allotted based on the players’ various social media following. But the slots at Krieger Esports are taken purely based on performance.

Ongoing and Future Plans -

At present, Goel’s team has taken up a project to develop a Tournament Management Application based on AI. This application helps Esports fans to keep connected and updated with the ongoing and upcoming leagues and tournaments. Yashvardhan has been in the field of Esports for five years marching towards his vision of getting connected with new people using professional platforms like LinkedIn. He has been attending to queries in an enthusiastic manner.

The organization will be procuring its Pre-seed funding within a short period. Another project is in the process where outsourcing is done to basically provide gaming services under one roof at nominal charges.

Confronting Challenges -

Facing challenges is an inbuilt component in any field and one has to face and overcome them. Yashvardhan says that the biggest challenge he faces every day is the number of request calls he receives from new people who keep boasting about their performances and want money.

Yashvardhan frankly discloses his personal opinion that the Esports industry works on the hit-and-trial method. He says that the success rate cannot be guessed because the teams which he hires are totally new.

Source of Inspiration -

Yashvardhan attributes his source of inspiration to Bratyo Sanyal (in-game name was BRONZO) with whom he used to play Call of Duty games in 2020. He says that his game mate was par excellence in exhibiting his skills in gaming. Seeing how young people who began their journey in Esports are on another level in gaming, Yashvardhan knew that he had step down one day and give the stage to the upcoming gamers. That’s the thought that laid foundation to his startup.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs -

Yashvardhan says that one has to face a lot of dark phases during the startup period and he is no exception to that. He advises that one should not yield to pressure. He loves the quote, ‘it is my story; it is not over until I win,’ and asserts that he would never give up on his dreams.

Achievements -

He is an India-qualified player and has player National and International tournaments for CS: Go, PubG, Call of Duty and more. His startup is his great pride and he is working hard and smart to make it the number one in Esports industry globally.

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