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Jaydeep Barman's recipe for success

Jaydeep Barman - Famehall
Jaydeep Barman

Jaydeep Barman is the creator of Faaso’s (now Rebel Foods), an Indian cloud kitchen restaurant enterprise that has swiftly taken off. Read the inspiring story of Jaydeep Barman on Famehall -

The Story -

Jaydeep grew raised in a restaurant family. His father and uncle also worked in the restaurant business. Jaydeep chose to establish his own firm after graduating from college. He wasn't sure what type of company to start, but he knew he wanted to establish something significant and influential.

Following some investigation, he determined that the cloud was the ideal platform for him to launch his firm. The cloud enabled him to run his firm without incurring any upfront fees or worrying about infrastructure or personnel needs.

Jaydeep Barman started by developing a website for his company. He created an online reservation system and an online menu system using the cloud. He also set up an online shop where clients could buy products from his restaurant's menu.

After finishing his higher schooling in Kolkata, he went on to earn his engineering degree in Kolkata before moving to Lucknow for his MBA at IIM Lucknow. After finishing his MBA in Lucknow, his path to success began.

He opted to go to Pune to begin his career, and he began working as a new vice president at Brain visa technologies. Because Brain visa is a startup, he learned a lot from his job experience.

He worked as the firm's vice president for the following three years before departing to create his own company with a buddy called "Faaso's." While working on their business, Jaydeep Barman began working at Maximize Learning as a new VP in 2004.

After working for the company until it was stable, he gave over administration of the company to someone else and travelled to France to join a management school.

He was busy doing something of his own while working for his first job; he always thought that he was intended to accomplish something more exceptional than what he was doing at the time.

While going to various nations, he discovered that food is a worry for people; they always want something really nice, homey cuisine, and most importantly, an easy method to pay for the food they consume. Their first concept was simple since it was based on "Kathi rolls," a traditional Kolkata meal. Jaydeep discovered the problem that needs a solution.

Jaydeep Barman, along with Kallol Banerjee decided to launch Faaso's. Faaso's is a made in India cloud-kitchen brand that was created and raised in the nation and has since become the most famous and beloved fast food brand in the country. They began their firm by investing 8 lakh rupees, some from their own savings, some from family and friends, and "Faaso's" was launched in 2004 as a part-time venture.

Faaso's Revenues, Locations, and Business Line -

Faaso's Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Company is one of India's most successful enterprises. In 2017, the firm made more than $5 million in sales across 7 cities in India.

The concept was simple: deliver the finest of Indian food to individuals living in cities where conventional restaurants were difficult to find.

By 2016, the firm has grown to operate in 7 cities throughout India, having swiftly garnered popularity. Faasos also received $1 million in Series A investment that year from investors such as Matrix Partners India and Sequoia Capital India.

Faasos has continued to expand fast since then. The firm recorded over $5 million in sales in 2017. Currently it's under Rebel foods which is expecting to double their revenues at 800 crs INR.

What accounts for its success? Faaso's serves wonderful cuisine that is both unusual and convenient, making it ideal for those who do not have time to wait for hours for a seat at a regular restaurant.

The recipe for success -

According to Jaydeep Barman, starting a business is all about taking a number of calculated risks and being extremely passionate about the idea. He is open to feedback and always willing to take strategic decisions according to the feedback.

The success tale continues -

Jaydeep's success story didn't end. He started Rebel Foods which is an Indian internet restaurant business that runs 11 cloud kitchen brands such as Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, and Oven Story. As of April 2022, it is the world's biggest cloud kitchen restaurant chain, with over 450 cloud kitchens in 10 countries.

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