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Meet Jhanvi Gupta, young entrepreneur and co-founder of Aayusetu

Jhanvi Gupta - Aayusetu - Famehall
Jhanvi Gupta

Famehall’s spotlight on Jhanvi Gupta, the co-founder and CEO of Aayusetu, who is on a mission to revolutionize Ayurveda for India and then take it global for the World to witness the miracles of ancient vedic science of India. At Aayusetu, they research and formulate Authentic Ayurvedic and Natural products with the best quality hand-picked ingredients. Aayusetu is listed in the top 50 brands on Flipkart and about 15 products of Aayusetu were recognized as Amazon Choice products on Amazon.

From Witnessing Her Father's Entrepreneurial Dreams to Making Her Own -

It was Jhanvi Gupta's father who inspired her to become an entrepreneur. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur himself. But because he was brought up to be an advocate while growing up in an advocate family, he wasn't able to begin his journey of entrepreneurship at a young age. It was just in 2012 that he started his journey as an entrepreneur. In 2012, he started his own business, called Mania Juices. It is now one of the most renowned brands in the country that is scaling at a rapid pace. In 2012, when he started, Jhanvi started witnessing her father’s entrepreneurial journey very closely, she was just 12 years old then. Her father’s entrepreneurial journey, the ups and downs of the venture have shaped her and taught her a lot. She came to an understanding on what goes in and around a company. And she thought, “This is something I intend to do for the rest of my life.” She decided to tell her father about this entrepreneurial desire. Her parents have been extremely supportive and have always encouraged her to never settle in life and they incorporated her first company in 2019, when she turned 19 years old.

The foundation for Aayusetu -

During Dec-Jan 2020, she started with the trade of organic, cold-pressed oils like mustard oil, but then COVID hit. So, the stock that they have prepared for the business was left untouched for a long time. But, because mustard oil is considered essential in Punjab, they still managed to sell it all out within two-three months. During the pandemic period, the world realized the miracles and importance of Ayurveda and there was no brand in the market on which people could trust blindly, most of the Ayurvedic products present in the market are adulterated, this was where Jhanvi and her co-founders realised the need of a holistic Ayurvedic Brand that stays true to its quality and values.

That is when she decided to start Aayusetu along with her father, focusing on the sustainability of the brand. Aayusetu consists of two words: aayu and setu, where Aayu enlightenment or betterment of life, and Setu means bridge. The whole idea of Aayusetu revolves around bridging the gap between traditional science and modern problems. To every modern problem there is a solution in our traditional vedas, and that is exactly what they do at Aayusetu, look for solutions in our traditional vedas, modernize the solution by tremendous research and finally launch it for the countrymen.

Aayusetu is currently present in Ayurvedic health and beauty category and they look forward to expanding several other product categories as well.

The road ahead and plans for the future -

The road for Aayusetu seems to be very clear and planned, if said in one statement- they plan to revolutionize Ayurveda forever, for the future generations. They are here to provide the purest quality products and holistic and World-class Ayurvedic services is what Jhanvi Gupta says, to Famehall. This is how they want to make the difference.

Advice to young Entrepreneurs -

When asked about some advice to young entrepreneurs, Jhanvi Gupta said that the only advice she would like to give to all the budding entrepreneurs is to just start. “It doesn't matter what fears or resources you currently have, the only courage you need to have as an entrepreneur is to just get started on building that idea and everything else will just fall in place and be aligned”, said Jhanvi. She advised them to act on the idea they have thinking about and take that leap of faith.

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