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Tushar Kansal's impressive saga

Tushar Kansal story - Founder - Kansaltancy ventures
Tushar Kansal

Tushar Kansal is the Founder & CEO at Kansaltancy Ventures which is an Investment Management firm. Here's the inspiring story of Tushar Kansal, exclusively on Famehall.

Early Life and Career -

Tushar Kansal spent his early years in Roorkee, Uttar Pradesh owing to his father’s job. He studied at Saint Gabriel’s when he was there. He then did most of his schooling in Montfort School in Delhi. He completed his B.Tech from the Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences, affiliated to Textile Institute, Manchester. Later, he did his MBA in Finance from University of Delhi in 2001. He completed Executive Education from Harvard Business School.

According to him, there were two phases in his experience. One was the corporate journey in which he had been part of Private Equity practice at Deloitte & Touche and also had been part of the team at Brand Capital which is Times of India’s venture arm. He was heading the Corporate Finance and Treasury at MTS India. He was leading the Debt division and raised almost 3 billion dollars of debt for them in three years. He was then the CFO with a Logistics company owned by the American private equity fund Guggenheim Partners.

He had invested in five companies and then started his own, Kansaltancy Ventures - born in 2016. They have been helping start-ups and growth stage companies across technology and non-technology sectors. They were awarded the Best Start-up supporter 2022 by Dr Kiran Bedi at an event by All India Council for Robotics and Automation in 2022.

He spoke in more than 250 webinars and events. If you look up his name on Google or YouTube, you can find a bunch of videos popping up.

About Kansaltancy Ventures -

Kansaltancy Ventures is an investment management and advisory firm into Equity Financing, fundraising for VC Funds, Debt, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

It is a start-up working in two ways. One, they help companies become investor ready. They know what the investor wants. They work on making the company investor ready in terms of financials or a business plan, or in the valuation of the company, structuring its boards, products and making a good Product-Market fit. Second, they help in strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions. They work as an investment banking outfit and their primary service is venture capital which they arrange through their network of thousands of investors from India, Singapore, UAE, US and the UK.

For the last eight years, they have worked with tremendous companies and he is also a Venture Advisor with Loyal VC, the INSEAD-led Canadian VC Fund. They have invested across 220 companies in 50 countries and put more than 40% of their investments in women-led businesses. They are very conscious about sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Future Plans for Kansaltancy Ventures -

They will be coming out with their own accelerator which will be based on Web3 and sustainability as the themes. They will also be coming out with their first Venture Capital fund which will be the Corpus of 250 crores which is already in process. Currently, Kansaltancy Ventures has assisted companies in AgriTech, FinTech, EdTech, and also in the non-Technology sector. They will continue to work closely with international companies from US, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and continue to assist companies across the board.

He is coming out with two podcasts soon. They are “Right! by Tushar Kansal” and a spiritual podcast called “Aradhya by Tushar Kansal”.

Failures -

Tushar Kansal is familiar with facing challenges and failures. He did so in school, during his MBA and then later while working in corporations. It helped him realize that the solution to it all is to look within and change your attitude towards problems. So, when he started Kansaltancy Ventures, although no one had any idea about Start-ups or Venture Capital funding at the time, he put an effort into educating people on the matter. It is one of the reasons why he did many webinars and events.

Achievements -

They have over 30 investment deals ranging from two hundred thousand US dollars to the largest twenty-five million dollars. Tushar Kansal was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the year 2022 by Business Connect magazine. He had personally interacted and helped nearly four thousand start-ups.

Source of inspiration -

Narayan Murthy, the founder of Infosys, had been a source of inspiration. Tushar Kansal believes that he has shown the middle class in India that they can make multi-billion-dollar businesses just from their own knowledge and through a knowledge driven business. So, in terms of an icon, Narayan Murthy had been a pillar of inspiration.

Advice to young entrepreneurs –

His advice to young entrepreneurs is to be very clear on why you want to do a certain thing. He believes that you should not just do something because you saw a certain someone do the same. Be focused on finding out why, your purpose, before starting something is his advice. Next, he believes it is very important, and necessary, to get the right mentor, the right adviser, the right investment bank to be with you. “Similar to needing a guide, a guru, in your spiritual journey you need a guru in business as well“, Tushar Kansal firmly believes.

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